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Special qualities as well as special alloys can be found in almost all areas of life, ranging from the aerospace industry to the supplying industry of internal combustion engines.

Due to stock-keeping of special material tailored to our customers’ need, we guarantee to our customers flexible availability, planning security and just-in-time-delivery.
Special alloys
Piston rods
Steel Trader Special Steel
Excellent connections with our suppliers enable us to offer our customers a wide range of special qualities and alloys. We are looking forward to your enquiries. Please contact us even though the needed material is not listed in our Product Overview.
Implant Steel
 Steel Trader, Germany
Mit Effizenz zum Erfolg
Früchtl-Kronos GmbH, Steel Trader Germany
Corrosion and Acid Resistant Steels
Implant Steel, Titanium
Tool and Speed Steels
Special Alloys
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