Titanium / Implant Steel
Steel for medical Instruments
Selling highly sensitive products for implants and medical devices requires for a deeply founded knowledge and sense of responsibility.

The most important precept with these materials is quality. Our quality is secured by long-lasting and reliant relationships to both our suppliers and our customers. The reliability of suppliers is thoroughly being examined through first test samples checked by independent experts’ reports and through trial deliveries. We secure quality on the long run through regular controlling and intensive contact with our partners.

We stand up for flexible availability of our implant steels and would be pleased to receive your demands and requirements.
Material Groups
Implant Steel
Steel for medical Instruments
1.4441 316 LVM
1.4057 431
1.4472 KRONOS®
1.4057 ATMOS® 431
Age Hardening
3.7035 Titanium Grade 2
Surgical instruments
3.7065 Titanium Grade 4
1.4542 STRATOS® 630
Stockholder 17-04PH
3.7165 Titanium Grade 5 - ELI
ISO 5832-3
Martensite Precipitation hardenalble Steel
Trader 17-04PH
Corrosion and Acid Resistant Steels
Implant Steel, Titanium
Tool and Speed Steel
Special Alloys
Product Overview, Corrosion, Acid and Heat resistant Steels, Special Alloys
ISO 5832-3
Grade 5