Our secret of success is our history.
Rise to our customers’ challenge.
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With foundation of „Metallwerkzeug Früchtl“ in 1972, the corner stone for a successful and continuously developing, in the meantime internationally operating enterprise, was laid.

Constant growth and success allowed for the change of name into „Früchtl Spezialstähle“ and later in 2005 to „Früchtl-Kronos GmbH & Co. KG”.

The sales of metal tools at the very beginning switched over the intervening years to stainless steel and special alloys which form our main focus nowadays. We have specialised in this field – stainless steel and special alloys – and can look back on many years of experience and knowledge providing more and more loyal and satisfied customers.
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We have moved to our new office in September 2006 and the relocation of our warehouse to this very site is scheduled for July 2007 so that we have the advantage of having both our office as well as our warehouse on the premises.

Ever since our customers’ needs have been the focus of our interest – our customers’ needs and requirements have shaped our product range to what it is like now. We have risen to our customers’ challenge. Even in future, we want to continue living up to the expectations of our customers.

A landmark date for both companies
On 20th June 2016 STAINLESS, a supplier of international renown in the field of high performance metallic materials, signed an agreement for the acquisition of FRÜCHTL KRONOS GmbH & Co, a German company specialising in the supply of special steels.

A shared vision
Both companies are equally focussed on quality and technical support and this has allowed them to anticipate and move with evolving market needs, enabling them to provide innovative solutions to their clients whilst ensuring that stockholding is appropriate in volume and range.

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